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  • For children and families. Designed for kids ages 6–13 and their families
  • Healthy Together is a modular flexible program. It includes 10 one-hour interactive families’ sessions and 10 one-hour parents’ sessions
  • Optimized. designed for organizations and individuals without adequate funds, staff or space to offer the classic MEND programs
  • e-Manual lets you take it wherever you go. The curriculum is an interactive electronic manual that is deliverable to most electronic devices
  • A staff of one. The program setup, implementation and management are easily handled by one coach
  • Innovative materials for coaches and families. The coaches’ starter kit and refill packs contain high-impact visual tools and handouts to help communicate effectively with families
  • Perfect value-add for independent coaches. Healthy Together helps those who aren’t subsidized to provide programs in their communities like health coaches, dietitans, personal trainers
  • Training made simple. Core MEND knowledge training is included in the e-manual
  • Track results and manage data. Manage your program registration and data on a secure online data management system that reports results

The easiest way to start helping families live healthier

Healthy Together is a family-based child weight management and healthy living program. It features a multi-component design with nutrition education, behavior change and empowerment at its core and physical activity options. This program retains much of the original curriculum and know-how of the renowned MEND 7-13 program, but is now organized into modular sessions, allowing for flexibility in delivery model, scheduling and cost. Healthy Together is very affordable as only one coach is needed to deliver its superior curriculum to small- or medium-sized groups, and venues can be smaller. The program is fun and easy to follow, and helps families get the tools they need to become healthy for life. Our simple online subscription and purchase process lets you get started immediately!

Flexible delivery brings greater success

Organizations or individual coaches can deliver the program using a variety of business models to suit their needs and their community. Whether the program is self-financed, grant-financed or marketed and sold directly to participants, you can do well by doing good.

Help families get the information they need to lead healthier lives. Simply subscribe now and your starter kit will be shipped to you so you can get going NOW.

Personalized physical activity options

Coaches are encouraged to include physical activity sessions with the core program.  Coaches can design their own curriculum if suitably qualified or recommend that families seek out appropriate local options of their choice.


2 FREE for the first 200!

For a limited time only, the first 200 subscribers will also receive two additional bonus sessions, Supermarket Tour and The Fabulous Food Fest for free! These hands-on sessions build on classroom learning and provide families the chance to practice the skills they are learning.

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