Our programs are the best in class because they involve the entire family

The MEND approach provides support for children and their families to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Our focus is not just on weight itself, but instead on the behaviors that lead to overweight and obesity. Effective behavior change strategies empower families to change and make healthier lifestyle choices (Mind). Families learn to enjoy being physically active (Exercise) and discover that healthier foods and drinks can be delicious, nutritious and affordable (Nutrition). They are motivated and supported in taking sustainable action to lead healthier lifestyles - for life (Do it!).

We offer quality programs, training, resources and services with the flexibility to choose the model that is right for you, your organization and community. Options include all the elements needed to help individuals and organizations manage child obesity in their communities. Check out our Helping Hand section with our signature support and services and licensing that can help you tailor larger projects, programs and initiatives to meet specific local objectives and complement existing prevention and treatment options, if more personalization is needed.

Our programs are evidence-based, delivered to groups, and include nutrition advice and physical activity, all powered by behavior change techniques. Their core is typically 10 weeks, with the option of maintenance and support for up to 2 years.

It’s easy to choose the program best for your needs. See the Quick Comparison below