Support Online

All program subscriptions already include access to our Online Resources, Materials, Videos and FAQs that help with program management and effective delivery of your programs at your fingertips 24/7.

Support Plus+

Sometimes you might need just a little more help in addition and we offer quarterly support packages starting from $750 that include email and telephonic support within business hours and additional materials.

Signature Support Services

We welcome your inquiries about our extensive know-how in the delivery of your chosen programs to go that "extra step" with your implementation or for delivering large scale health projects, based on an annual service contract. Talk to us about any combination of the following valuable Signature Services for larger scale impact:

Project Support

  • White-labeling initiatives for organizations wishing to specially brand their projects and promote their commitments to helping families
  • Dedicated relationship manager assignment
  • Program organizer training (in person, 2 days)
  • Access to in-depth resources
  • Tailored resources (pre-agreed)
  • Semi-annual quality site visits
  • Quality assurance assistance and support
  • Tailored post-program strategies
  • Program delivery and set-up assist
  • Recruitment and retention strategies
  • Assessing readiness to change

Business Development Support

  • Project set-up consulting
  • Project implementation scoping
  • Full project budgeting

Reporting Support

  • Bespoke reports
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Example Add-On Packages

  • Tailored program packs
  • Localized program content
  • Privacy Impact Assessments

Logistics Support

  • Warehousing
  • Stock management
  • Full kit components and build

Do you want to license MEND at scale?

We now offer select partners the opportunity to be part of the MEND worldwide system to operate all aspects of our programs under license. Our experienced team can support you with appropriate adaptations, using your own brand and train your trainers – as well as provide supporting systems and infrastructure if desired. We consider partial or full licenses at a territory level (e.g. cities, states, provinces, countries) or for specific ‘channels’.

We offer differing levels of support in introducing, delivering and scaling MEND. Our team has led and guided adaptation for different countries, cultures, languages and settings / channels. In addition, HWP can provide continuing ongoing access to the provision of logistics and support, monitoring and evaluation (with our secure on-line management and reporting platform (OMMS) as well as secure hosting of e-manuals and monitoring software, which allows for a more frequent and dynamic continuous improvement of programs, as well as localization of some content.

A typical licensee could be a state public health department, a health payor, a national Association or training organization of potential coaches or even an organization with a national reach or footprint and if desired programs can be white labelled (e.g. YMCA of the USA licenses MEND for their members under the program name Healthy Weight and Your Child).

If your organization is interested in discussing licensing, please contact our team.