Improvement in health and psychosocial outcomes following the MEND 7-13 Program

MEND is the largest and most extensively evaluated child weight management program in the world

We have longstanding relationships and collaborations with leading academic institutions and researchers across North America and internationally. Our dedication is to programs that are evidence-based and outcome-driven.

Evidence-based programs

Our programs are developed by leading child health and weight management specialists using the best evidence and clinical and government guidelines.

Scientific evaluation and research

Independent health, economic and clinical studies show that MEND 7-13 is cost-effective and reduces BMI and waist circumference, thereby enabling children with overweight and obesity to reach and maintain a healthier weight. Additional health and psychosocial benefits include increased physical activity and cardiovascular fitness, reduced sedentary behaviors, improved dietary intake, and raised self-esteem and body image. Thirty-five (35)  peer-reviewed publications have documented positive outcomes following MEND programs. Several US and Canadian studies have taken place, including a CDC-funded Child Obesity Research Demonstration Study (RCT) in Texas. For a fuller research overview presentation click here.

Largest child weight management database in the world

Extensive demographics, health, and psychosocial outcomes are recorded for all MEND participants - not just those in formal trials.

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