Healthy Together 1-day Nutrition Training (per person)


Healthy Together includes distance learning about the nutrition principles and background nutrition knowledge required to deliver the program within the coach’s manual.  Taking this ‘Virtual Workshop’ will enhance your skills to deliver engaging nutrition education for children and adults. This 1-day training will increase your understanding of the key MEND nutrition principles and their practical application in the nutrition sessions. It also looks at how culture and traditions are linked to health.

If you are only able to attend one workshop for Healthy Together, we recommend this one because it relates to the essential Families’ session content, but why not develop your skills in behavior change and learn how to facilitate groups more effectively by also attending the behavior change workshop too?

Or if you are a previously trained MEND 7-13 Mind and Nutrition Leader this ‘Virtual Workshop’ is the perfect way to refresh your knowledge and enhance your skills to deliver the Healthy Together program.

If purchased online at the same time as your coach’s kit and family materials, save 10%.

Healthy Weight Partnership training dates.

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