Healthy Together Mind and Nutrition Leader Training (group, max 16)


Healthy Together Mind and Nutrition Leader Training (group, max 16) provides participants with all the nutrition principles and background nutrition knowledge to enhance delivery of the program, in addition to the learning already included within the coach’s manual. This training will help develop leaders’ skills in behavior change as well and help them improve their group facilitation skills.  This is a 2-day training designed to enhance and increase true understanding of the key MEND nutrition principles and their practical application in the nutrition sessions for children and adults,  as well as drive home key behavior change facilitation techniques. It also looks at how culture and traditions are linked to health.

For previously trained MEND 7-13 Mind and Nutrition Leaders, this Healthy Together Mind & Nutrition Leader Training is the perfect way to refresh that knowledge and enhance skills to deliver the Healthy Together program if more than the training in the manual is needed.

With this training our experienced MEND trainers to come to your organization and train a larger group of up to 16 participants.

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