MEND Mind and Nutrition Leader Training (individual, offsite)


MEND 7-13 programs require leaders to attend our tried and true training. The two-day leader training will equip your team with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to run a successful program. Mind and nutrition leaders need to complete this training, and it is recommended that Exercise leaders and Program assistants also attend.

The training consists of three modules:

MODULE 1: Once leaders have booked their training event through the online booking system, the distance learning is sent to each attendee before their training workshop. It covers program content, key concepts, and introduces facilitation skills needed to deliver the MEND program. A self-assessment quiz helps leaders check their knowledge and understanding of the distance learning information.

MODULE 2: The two-day training explains what MEND is, who it’s for and why it works; it helps leaders learn effective facilitation skills and understand the manuals and resources. It covers the program components of nutrition, behavior change, and healthy growth checks and provides demonstration and practice of key group facilitation skills.

MODULE 3: The mind and nutrition assessment certifies each leader to deliver MEND 7-13.  Mind and Nutrition Leaders complete a reflective practice log during their first program.

Choose this option if you prefer to send a small number of your team members to one of our easily accessed centralized trainings. If you need to up-skill more than a couple of team members or just want more focused local training, choose the group, onsite option.

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