We Are Healthy Weight Partnership

  • Adrienne Forman

    Adrienne is a dietitian in New York City and our lead program developer for MEND programs. When she is not writing or editing MEND materials, Adrienne can often be found working out in the gym or taking long walks around the city with her hubby.

  • Ben Jones

    As master trainer Ben develops HWP’s training programs and oversees our field training. With two girls and a bouncing baby boy this makes Ben very busy but he can often be found in the gym keeping up his energy.

  • Brian Finnerty

    Brian is a co-founder of HWP and heads operations, development and innovation. When he isn’t visiting partners, or overseeing our team and specialist consultants, Brian looks for places to swim.

  • Harry MacMillan

    Harry is HWP’s managing director and co-founder. Harry has a very big brain.

  • Paul Sacher

    Paul is HWP’s science director and co-founder, and is the creator of MEND programs. Paul does all the big science stuff.

  • Maria Kolotourou

    Maria has been researching and publishing papers on child overweight and obesity for many years. Maria also analyzes all the data that families provide. Maria is very smart.

  • Philippa Evans

    As operations development manager, Phil trains and assists community coordinators and organizers set up, run and develop local strategies for running programs in communities. Phil’s biggest love is diving with manta rays.

  • Teresa Earle

    T is head of marketing and sales and a co-founder of HWP. T lives in the hills of southern California with a menagerie including her daughter Frankie and a rescue turtle called Seven.